Getting started on SEGA saturn development – Part 2

After the Hello World

After writing a simple hello world, 2 things are needed before proceeding :

  • Get the execution time, (and in turn, frame times) in order to properly write time based animations
  • How to get simple primitives drawn on the screen

Getting execution time

libyaul supplies following function

static uint16_t cpu_frt_count_get(void);

However the return type is a problem : it quickly overflows.
After some digging on discord, as well as examples provided with libyaul:

#include <yaul.h>

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

uint32_t elapsed_time = 0;
static void _frt_ovi_handler(void);
static uint16_t _frt_overflow_count = 0;

void main(void)
    //initialize dbgio


    uint32_t frame_time = 0 ;
    uint32_t frame_start = 0 ;
    uint32_t frame_end = 0 ;



    /* Reset overflow counter after setting the FRT count to zero in case
     * there's an FRT overflow interrupt */
    _frt_overflow_count = 0;

        elapsed_time += frame_time;
        frame_start = ((65536 * _frt_overflow_count) + (uint32_t) cpu_frt_count_get()) / CPU_FRT_PAL_320_32_COUNT_1MS;
        dbgio_printf("Elapsed time :\t %u
        \nFrame_time :\t %u
        \nFrame Start :\t %u
        \nFrame End :\t %u
        \noverflow cnt :\t %u\n", 
        (unsigned int) elapsed_time,
        (unsigned int) frame_time, 
        (unsigned int) frame_start,
        (unsigned int) frame_end,
        (unsigned int) _frt_overflow_count);

        frame_end = ((65536 * _frt_overflow_count) + (uint32_t) cpu_frt_count_get()) / CPU_FRT_PAL_320_32_COUNT_1MS;
        frame_time = (frame_end - frame_start) ; // get tick count at start 

static void _frt_ovi_handler(void)

Now I’m able to measure the render time and also have the elapsed time.

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  1. Thank you for this blog!! Fascinating to follow commentary on actual Saturn development since it’s architecture is so complex and cumbersome to harness. Looking forward to your game idea!

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