My next step into Analogue Photography : My Darkroom – Part 2

Although the darkroom was functional, there were some issues when using it :

  • The chemicals and trays were not stored near the darkroom desk (and therefore increases the setup time before I can do a single enlargement).
  • Spills would go strait into the wood bench, and the workbench was not waterproof.
  • Safe light position was sub optimal : it did not illuminate the trays properly, since the LED strip was laid on top of the workbench.


My (late 2018) darkroom prior to renovation.
Darkroom after renovation
Darkroom after renovation

Darkroom after renovation , with the safe light on.

The renovation consisted of :

  • Addition of shelves to store all darkroom and film development equipment.
  • Adding of a waterproof cover to the workbench.
  • Have a proper fixation for the safe lights.
  • Have a definitive power socket to the darkroom bench.

The total cost for the renovation was around 70 €

Now the safe light only illuminate the development trays

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